Purchasing and Merchandising Jobs in Montreal at Sobeys

For more than a century, Sobeys has served the culinary needs of Canadians. Sobeys Québec has achieved the position of industry leader, with over 30% market share, thanks to its IGA and IGA extra banners. When our other banners are included— Rachelle-Béry, Boni-Soir, Marchés Bonichoix, Les Marchés Tradition and Shell—our network has more than 30,000 talented people!

Why work for Sobeys? With its long history and varied product line, Sobeys offers a number of advantages for those people who desire to put their experience to good use in exciting purchasing and merchandising jobs in Montreal.

  • Expansive Possibilities: As the owner, or franchiser, of over 1,500 stores across the entire nation, Sobeys has an unmatched reach that offers a variety of opportunities that are unparalleled. It operates a number of grocery stores and convenience stores under different banners. Though each of these stores focus on providing food for consumers, their demographics differ, sometimes dramatically, depending on such factors as geographic location and focal range. This gives you the opportunity to flex your muscles and stimulate your brain in innovative ways to capture the attention of the target population of each location, ensuring that no two days are ever the same.
  • Attractive Compensation: Sobeys understands that to attract the top talent that is looking for purchasing jobs in Montreal; being well compensated is necessary. Healthy employees are happy employees and Sobeys offers comprehensive group insurance plans that are flexible for both health and dental. Lifelong learning is a concept that improves your life as well as what you can offer Sobeys. They offer benefits such as an educational scholarship program, reimbursement for tuition fees and other assistance programs to help support you as you reach your goals.
  • Flexible now, and well into the Future: In addition to encouraging you to further your education today, Sobeys also realizes that you have a life outside of work. They offer a compensation plan that is flexible, allowing you to tailor it to meet your unique needs. In addition, they offer a pension plan so you can plan for your future, even as you work today to keep Sobeys on the forefront of the food services industry.

At Sobeys, they are looking for the best and brightest talent in the purchasing and merchandising fields. Click here to find out about their current opportunities.

A network of more than 40,000 talented people in Quebec.

Sobeys Québec

A network of 30,000 talented people in Quebec. A range of jobs and opportunities for professionals in finance and accounting, marketing, purchasing and merchandising, information technologies, retail operations, gas retailing or in stores.