Sobeys’ commitment:

Protect the confidentiality of your personal information

Sobeys recognizes the importance of keeping your personal information confidential and undertakes to safeguard your privacy. “Personal information” refers to information about you as an individual recorded in whatsoever way or form and that Sobeys has in its possession and control and uses to help identify you (e.g., age, revenue, ethnic origin, medical data, financial and credit data).

Personal information does not include information available to the public, such as information found in telephone directories, professional or business directories, public registers and publicly accessible court records.

As part of its activities and dealings with you, Sobeys agrees to keep the personal information you provide confidential, whether you are a Sobeys supplier, customer or employee. The same applies to personal information about any individual who visits the website.

Sobeys agrees to abide by the basic principles of privacy protection in how it gathers, uses and discloses your personal information. Sobeys is proud to uphold the following principles:


Sobeys will ensure that its employees and representatives uphold its principles of privacy protection by means of inhouse policies and appropriate security measures. Sobeys will also appoint an individual within Sobeys to ensure these principles are observed.

Determination of the purpose of personal information collected:

Sobeys will determine the purpose of any personal information it gathers before or at the time it is gathered. Sobeys gathers only information it requires to conduct business and for the purpose for which it is gathered, notably to follow up on inquiries from you. Sobeys will not use or disclose your personal information for any other purpose without your consent.

Consent to the gathering, use and disclosure of personal information:

Sobeys will obtain your consent to gather, use or disclose personal information about you. When you send Sobeys personal information by completing the fields and forms on the website or by any other means, you consent to the gathering, use and disclosure of your personal information for the purpose for which it is gathered.

Limits on the gathering of personal information:

Sobeys limits the gathering of personal information to the information it needs to be able to provide the products and services to which you want access, notably when using the website. Sobeys agrees to use only honest, legal means to gather personal information. In the event Sobeys wishes to use your personal information for purposes other than those disclosed to you, Sobeys must obtain your consent.

Limits on the use, disclosure and retention of personal information:

Limits on use:

Sobeys will not use personal information you provide it for any other purpose than the one for which it is gathered.

Limits on disclosure:

Sobeys will not divulge personal information you provide it to third parties for their own use without your consent, except under provisions provided by law or when Sobeys must provide this information to third parties to provide the products and/or services you request or when these third parties are Sobeys representatives who require this personal information to follow up requests you make.

Limits on retention:

Sobeys will only retain personal information for the time required to fulfill the purpose for which it was gathered.

Accuracy of personal information:

Sobeys agrees to retain complete, accurate, up-to-date personal information. It will be your responsibility, however, to provide Sobeys with complete, accurate information and notify Sobeys of any changes.

Security measures:

Sobeys will protect your personal information. It will take the appropriate security measures based on the degree of confidentiality involved and take the measures required to prevent unauthorized consultation and/or disclosure of your personal information, including transfer to a third party for processing (e.g., payroll processing), storage (e.g., document archiving) and other purposes.

Transparency of Sobeys policies and practices:

Upon request, Sobeys undertakes to provide you with information on its personal information management policies and practices, including the gathering, use and disclosure of the personal information about you that Sobeys has in its possession in Quebec , subject to possible transmission to third parties or Sobeys representatives for the purpose of providing services you request.

Access to personal information:

You have the right to request that Sobeys inform you of the existence, use and disclosure of personal information it has about you, and you may access this information. You may also dispute the accuracy and completeness of this information and have it corrected. Upon receipt of a written request to access or correct this information, Sobeys will respond within 30 days. In its response, Sobeys will inform you of the recourse available to you in the event the information you receive from Sobeys is unsatisfactory.

Complaints in the event of non-compliance with principles:

Sobeys is committed to protecting personal information. If you would like to file a complaint regarding non-compliance with the abovementioned principles, you can do so by contacting Sobeys as follows:

Head of Privacy Protection

Fax: (514) 324-9305

Merchants affiliated with Sobeys under various banners are responsible for adopting their own privacy protection policies.

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