Sobeys Offers Accounting and Finance Jobs in Montreal

Putting your accounting expertise to work for you means being engaged in accounting jobs in Montreal while also working for a strong and innovative company. Working for Sobeys in their accounting and finance department in Montreal gives you a number of advantages that can help you meet your objectives now, as well as far into the future. A few of the top advantages include:

Purchasing and Merchandising Jobs in Montreal at Sobeys

For more than a century, Sobeys has served the culinary needs of Canadians. Sobeys Québec has achieved the position of industry leader, with over 30% market share, thanks to its IGA and IGA extra banners. When our other banners are included— Rachelle-Béry, Boni-Soir, Marchés Bonichoix, Les Marchés Tradition and Shell—our network has more than 30,000 talented people!

A network of more than 40,000 talented people in Quebec.

Sobeys Québec

A network of 30,000 talented people in Quebec. A range of jobs and opportunities for professionals in finance and accounting, marketing, purchasing and merchandising, information technologies, retail operations, gas retailing or in stores.