The Sobeys benefits

The Sobeys benefits;

The Sobeys benefits

Working with a friendly team

A friendly workplace and team can make all the difference! 

We offer you all the flexibility you need to achieve your potential and take on new challenges in our highly dynamic environment. We will leverage your know-how, expertise, and creativity to move forward on exciting projects that will feed your ambitions!
 Our management philosophy? Keep an open mind and listen!

In our stores in particular, teamwork means:

  • Sharing tasks;
  • Benefiting from schedules that accommodate your situation (student, parent of young children, retired, etc.);
  • Receiving first-rate, job-specific orientation and training;
  • Working actively to reach targeted objectives and results;

all in a friendly, supportive atmosphere!

Discover the personal experiences of members of our team of more than 40,000 talented employees!

Growing my potential and career

Sobeys is the perfect place to discover new talents and grow your skills! Our employees are proud to say they work for a company that provides:

  • Professional  development

  • Opportunities for advancement

  • A leadership  program OR The chance to rise to  management

Because we value the potential of our employees, we offer an education and professional training assistance program (e.g. reimbursement of tuition and training fees, seminars, membership in professional associations).
With many scholarships offered by Sobeys each year, employees may receive up to $10,000 to finance their studies, in addition to benefiting from internship opportunities to help them acquire invaluable experience!

Are you a store manager at heart, just waiting to develop your potential? The Leader Go program was developed for people like you! This structured career path will enable you to develop your management skills while climbing the professional ladder. 

Your aspirations will take you far, and Sobeys Québec is ready to feed your ambitions!

At Sobeys, employees’ exemplary efforts are rewarded by several recognition programs such as:

  • The Sobeys Champions, who are nominated by their peers and managers in recognition of their innovative work and behaviour exemplifying the Sobeys value. Always place the customer first, get it done with passion and integrety, stay real and proudly serve our communities are the 4 values.
  • The Gala Meritas, an annual celebration when the red carpet is rolled out for the new Sobeys Champions.
  • The Distinction Program, which allows employees who have reached a certain number of years of service to receive a reward of their choice.

Discover the personal experiences of members of our team of more than 40,000 talented employees!

Excelling within a strong and innovative company

Food shopping is one of the essential and basic needs of the population, thus ensuring the stability of our company.
Moreover, Sobeys Québec has achieved the position of industry leader, with over 30% market share, thanks to its IGA and IGA extra banners. When our other banners are included— Rachelle-Béry, Boni-Soir, Marchés Bonichoix, Les Marchés Tradition and Shell—our network has more than 40,000 talented people!

Discover our in-store career opportunities.

At Sobeys, innovation is a state of mind that fosters creativity, leading us to think outside the box and translating into concrete actions.

Discover our newest automated distribution centre, a facility pioneering new energy efficiency technologies, located in Terrebonne.

Benefiting from attractive conditions

As a professional in your field—be it accounting, marketing, human resources, or logistics—you stand to benefit by working at Sobeys!

Our competitive salaries and benefits will undoubtedly further your interest in Sobeys Québec.

  • Flexible group insurance plans (health and dental)
  • Pension plan
  • Flexible compensation plan
  • Reimbursement of tuition fees and scholarship program
  • Employee assistance program

Sobeys and Empire Scholaship Program

Are you studying and working at the same time? Are you currently employed at one of our banners, offices, or warehouses? Have you distinguished yourself through your excellent work, your grades, and your community involvement through extracurricular activities and volunteer work?

Then this program’s for you! Sobeys Québec invites you to apply.

For more information about the program, please read the information document. You can also speak to your manager about it. We wish you every sucess!

A network of more than 40,000 talented people in Quebec.

Sobeys Québec

A network of 30,000 talented people in Quebec. A range of jobs and opportunities for professionals in finance and accounting, marketing, purchasing and merchandising, information technologies, retail operations, gas retailing or in stores.